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Securing a New Home for the ACLU-NJ

Amol Sinha, executive director of the ACLU-NJ, describes better than we could how our corporate lawyers advance the work of the nonprofits that support our communities:

As you may know, over the past several months, we’ve been working with Lowenstein attorney Kim Lomot, who has counseled us through a real estate lease negotiation. I wanted to share with you that our experience with Kim has been outstanding. She has been professional, responsive, detail-oriented, and caring throughout the process. From reading several draft leases, to ensuring each detail is worked out in our favor in the new lease and making sure it is “ACLU friendly,” to advising us on our termination rights in our current space, Kim has been a joy to work with. As Kim’s client, I felt heard and cared for, and I truly appreciate her for that.

Lowenstein has long held a reputation for stellar pro bono work, and that of course is seen in the urgent immigrants’ rights, housing, criminal justice, and other crucial work you do. But we rarely hear about the unseen work – like lease negotiations that organizations like the ACLU-NJ do not have any staff for, but that are absolutely necessary for our mission to be realized. By giving such matters the time they deserve and treating pro bono clients as you would any other, you exceed your reputation and deliver long-lasting results for organizations like mine.

Amol Sinha

Executive Director of the ACLU-NJ