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Merging Nonprofits to Create a Stronger Service Organization

Avidd Community Services of NJ is a charitable organization that develops and manages group homes and provides other programming and services to individuals who are intellectually and developmentally disabled. Avidd provides individualized assistance so that people with disabilities can fulfill their potential, become as self-sufficient as possible, and participate in the community.

The firm has represented Avidd since 2016 in connection with a merger between Avidd and Bethel Ridge Corporation, another nonprofit with a similar mission. On behalf of Avidd, the firm has performed due diligence, updated organizational documents, reviewed services agreements, and helped Avidd change its name from Special Homes of New Jersey to Avidd Community Services. We are currently helping Avidd finalize the merger, which will leverage the funding, resources, and expertise of both organizations to create a new and stronger entity that can serve more individuals in need.

Merging Nonprofits