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Helping Immigrants Connect in Their Local Communities

United Tastes of America is an innovative nonprofit dedicated to helping refugees and asylum-seekers integrate into their communities. Based on the belief that refugee resettlement works best when Americans and new immigrants join together in the effort, United Tastes facilitates connections based on mutual appreciation, commonalities, and respect for the unique attributes of each group. United Tastes’ core program, the Syria Supper Club, harnesses the cooking skills of refugees from Syria, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern countries. They prepare, offer, and share in dinners hosted and attended by Americans who want to help with the resettlement of these groups. Cooks have the opportunity to work collaboratively and share the foods of their cultures. Supper hosts and guests pay a small fee to eat very well while learning more about how their new neighbors are adjusting to life in the United States. The fees enable United Tastes to offer culinary training and financial support to help meet the basic needs of the cooks and their families.

United Tastes first connected with the firm in 2017 when the program was not yet set up as a charitable organization. Our attorneys assisted United Tastes to trademark the organization’s name and logo, incorporate, and file for tax- exempt status, with the result that the IRS has classified the organization as a public charity. Now, donors can make tax-deductible contributions to United Tastes, allowing it to expand its funding and grow its programs to assist more resettling refugees and asylum-seekers.

Helping Immigrant
United Tastes of America cooks preparing for a Supper Club
Courtesy of United Tastes of America