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Pro Bono Report 2022

Kwok Noise, 2016, made by 1,115 participants
from 16 schools and community organizations
Photo by Steven and William Ladd

Our Mission

From its founding, Lowenstein Sandler has been committed to advancing the public interest and serving communities in need. The Lowenstein Center for the Public Interest embodies this commitment, directing the firm’s strong pro bono program and other forms of civic and philanthropic engagement. Through these efforts, the center addresses significant social problems and offers meaningful assistance to low-income and other marginalized people, along with the organizations that advocate for and support them. This work engages the full range of the firm’s talents and reflects the core values that imbue all of the firm’s efforts: to perform work of the highest quality in a manner that maximizes results for our clients and causes.

Catherine Weiss


Throughout this report, you’ll see images from one of our nonprofit pro bono clients, Scrollathon. Brothers and artists Steven and William Ladd founded Scrollathon to engage communities in the creation of art through storytelling. Each of the now tens of thousands of Scrollathon participants rolls together ribbons of fabric into small scrolls. Participants may then name their scroll or tell a story about it. Eventually, every scroll is embedded with others in wooden frames that are attached together to make giant collages.

Scrollathon’s work captures something important about this moment–that people can and do listen to the stories of those who are not like them and find inspiration in both individual expression and collective action.

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Intro Leter

Scroll Space, 2019, made by 1,700 participants,
including students, seniors, youth in detention centers,
and people with visual impairments
Photo by Steven and William Ladd