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Pro Bono Report 2020

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Our Mission

From its founding, Lowenstein Sandler has been committed to advancing the public interest and serving communities in need. The Lowenstein Center for the Public Interest embodies this commitment, directing the firm's strong pro bono program and other forms of civic and philanthropic engagement. Through these efforts, the center addresses significant social problems and offers meaningful assistance to low-income and other marginalized people, along with the organizations that advocate for and support them. This work engages the full range of the firm's talents and reflects the core values that imbue all of the firm's efforts: to perform work of the highest quality in a manner that maximizes results for our clients and causes.

Standing Back Up

2020-A Tribute?

The most anticipated moment of 2020 was its end. Starting sometime in November, phone calls and Zoom meetings regularly included ardent wishes for the year to be over already. A rash of social media posts featured nasty send-offs to the year.

Honestly, 2020 deserved the hostility we heaped on it. The COVID-19 pandemic sequestered all of us in tight circles that excluded people we love and long to see but whom we fear infecting. New babies were born into our families, and we have never held them. In the worst cases, we lost loved ones and could not be with them as they left us.

Compounding the hardship, the pandemic brought economic devastation to the communities hardest hit by illness. Health care workers, first responders, grocery store employees, food servers, drug store clerks, teachers, child-care workers, public transportation workers, factory workers, and countless others faced a toxic combination of increased exposure to the virus and heightened risk of unemployment, mounting debt, and housing instability. Neighborhood businesses that had been part of our daily routines closed their doors, cutting off not only livelihoods but also the small interactions that ground us in the places where we live and work. We had more than enough reason to say good riddance to 2020.

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Pro Bono by the Numbers

The firm dedicated

23527 hours

to pro bono work
in 2020

Lowenstein lawyers served

778 pro bono

in 2020

On average,
each Lowenstein
lawyer spent

65 hours

on pro bono matters
in 2020

The firm has dedicated

465058 hours

to pro bono work over
the past 24 years