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Assisting People Who Are Disabled and Experiencing Homelessness

Family Promise helps families experiencing homelessness and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response. The organization has served more than a million people since its founding and has moved thousands of homeless families into permanent homes. Family Promise provides comprehensive support, including temporary shelter, meals, and case management, to homeless families with children. Through its national network of 200 affiliates, Family Promise provides shelter to families of various compositions, including multigenerational families and families with children. It is often one of the only organizations in a community that will shelter a family intact, without separating family members based on sex. The organization has experienced an increased demand for its services due to housing dislocation caused by the pandemic.

Family Promise asked the firm for help updating the organization’s policy for serving families in which one or more members have a disability. Affiliates throughout the country use the policy in administering their temporary shelter programs. Firm lawyers undertook a comprehensive review of the applicable federal laws and drafted a user-friendly policy, together with frequently asked questions, to assist affiliates in administering the policy. We also provided a training session for regional directors to help them understand the policy and offer the best possible service to clients who require accommodations due to a disabling condition.

Assisting People Who Are Disabled and Experiencing Homelessness
Courtesy of Family Promise
Clients of Family Promise
pose at their new home.