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Mural by Tristan Eaton
Photograph by Timothy A. Clary /AFP via Getty Images

NonProfits and MicroBusinesses


In addition to helping our clients through the pandemic, we maintained our general pro bono practice on behalf on nonprofits and small businesses, working to implement sound governance practices, secure federal tax exemptions, comply with federal and state regulations, protect clients’ intellectual property, and undertake complex corporate and financing transactions. By providing free, high-quality legal services, we helped clients focus on their essential work of employing people, anchoring neighborhoods, creating economic opportunity, serving individuals in need, enriching communities through the arts, and promoting a fair and just society.

Empowering Youth in Africa Through Sport

Enfants du Benin Debout (EBD) uses sports, education, and culture to empower underprivileged youth in Africa. EBD implements this mission by coordinating youth basketball tournaments, sports camps, and educational programs across the African continent. Its approach is to organize athletic events that attract young people from diverse backgrounds, providing a forum where they can meet one another and work together. Once youth are involved in EBD’s sports activities, EBD mentors provide opportunities for them to participate in additional educational activities such as tutoring sessions, community debates, museum visits, and meetings with artists and professionals. EBD strives to give youth the knowledge, confidence, and tools they need to live healthy and active lives and to pursue further educational opportunities. EBD alumni are leaders in their communities, and many have gone on to attend local universities or schools in the United States, where EBD will soon expand its programming. The organization plans to connect U.S. and African youth through sports and cultural exchanges.

EBD is incorporated under the laws of France. The organization approached the firm to help it establish a comprehensive anticorruption program to ensure that its various activities comply with U.S. anticorruption laws and regulations. This effort is valuable in itself and will allow EBD to expand its programming and fundraising efforts in the U.S. The firm leveraged its substantial experience developing anticorruption programs for foreign clients to complete the work. Our attorneys have also begun the process of setting up EBD as a charitable organization in the U.S. so that donors can make tax-deductible contributions to help EBD expand its sports, education, and cultural programs and serve even more young people.

Empowering Youth in Africa Through Sport
Courtesy of @feuilleblancheparis for Enfants du Benin Debout