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Access to Justice

The New Normal, 2017, made by people detained in the LGBTQ+ housing unit at the Manhattan Detention Complex
Photo by Steven and William Ladd


The firm represents hundreds of individuals who would not otherwise have access to counsel. In 2022, for example, we represented “Jacqueline” and “Inez” in obtaining final restraining orders, along with custody and support orders, so that they can remain safe from their abusers. We helped “Flynn,” a transgender client, petition for a legal name change so that his name matches his identity. We drafted advance directives for “Max” and “Lara,” a veteran client and his wife, keeping them in control of their health care decisions even if they at some point cannot speak for themselves.

Our civil legal system does not guarantee counsel for low-income people in any of these, or scores of other, life-changing matters. Working in close collaboration with legal services organizations, firms can help meet the needs of clients for whom legal advocacy makes an enormous difference.

“Max” and “Lara”
Photos by Bernard DeLierre