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Nonprofits and Microbusinesses

1960s TV Dinner, 2015, made by 1,086 children and adults from 16 schools and community organizations
Photo by Steven and William Ladd

Small Nonprofits

The firm continues to be committed to helping small nonprofits with their various transactional legal needs.

For example, this year, the firm assisted several local chapters of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of New Jersey to achieve independent tax-exempt status. CASA supports and promotes child advocacy so that every child placed in foster care or another out-of-home setting can be safe, find a permanent home, and have an opportunity to thrive. For many years, local New Jersey chapters of CASA had tax-exempt status through a group option. This meant that each individual chapter did not need to file paperwork with the IRS, as it was covered under CASA of New Jersey’s group exemption. This year, however, local CASA chapters were instructed to obtain individual tax exemptions under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code–a process that requires knowledge and experience in tax law.

Supporting Small Nonprofits - CASA
Photo courtesy of CASA of Somerset, Hunterdon, and Warren Counties

Firm volunteers filed the necessary paperwork for CASA of Union County and CASA of Somerset, Hunterdon and Warren Counties, both of which now have independent tax-exempt status. The firm also submitted an application for CASA of Ocean County, which is currently pending. These organizations can now use new and creative strategies to raise money to support children in the foster care system.


We helped several local nonprofits, including volunteer operated Long Island Lending a Helping Hand (LILAHH), review and update their corporate governance policies and practices. LILAHH offers a variety of essential services to people who are experiencing poverty or homelessness. Originally run out of the home of its founder, the organization now operates a food pantry, prepares birthday and holiday gift baskets, and offers math and English language tutoring to neighbors in need. The governance tune-up we provided will prepare the organization to build on its success and continue to expand its operations.


The firm also assisted Partners in Animal Welfare (PAW) with several legal matters. PAW advocates for animals in crisis and advances animal welfare through financial and program assistance, advocacy, and education.

PAW came to us with a few legal requests: incorporate in New Jersey, obtain tax-exempt status, and register trademarks. Our volunteers worked with the nonprofit to meet these needs so that it can provide services and resources to animal welfare organizations in New Jersey, solicit donations from its supporters, and protect its intellectual property.

Supporting Small Nonprofits - PAW.jpg
Photos courtesy of PAW